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STORY: William Seabrook, an American scientist, hires a troop of pirates  to kidnap a beautiful maiden named Maiya. She is the last descendant of an ancient Filipino tribe believed to possess the knowledge of a treasure worth billions of dollars. Upon finding the girl, they acquire a gemstone, a green diamond, believed to have fallen from the skies. On microscopy, a virulent strain of virus is found therein. Chaos ensues as the pirates seize control of the expedition, briskly infecting everyone in the island.  


Meanwhile in a not-so-distant town, Romy and his friend Peewee earn their keep by digging graves, plundering from the corpse’s possessions.Their vocation has taken them outside the big city where they’re notoriously called the Grave Bandits. While Romy craves for material riches, his 12-year old partner just wants to find his mother who abandoned him. But they picked the wrong town for their latest heist. They’ve become earnestly pursued. As a last straw, they hop into a boat, sailing across the sea until they reach a remote, seemingly uninhabited island. What they didn’t realize, the island is filled with ravenous, flesh-eating zombies! 

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